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Living in Melbourne and Want to Start Gnosis Classes - (2397)

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Intermittent Posts – Retreat in Spain – (2396)

This post is just to let you know that I will be in Spain for a Gnostic retreat, and so I most likely will not be posting very regularly, perhaps one or two here and there.

I hope to resume my regular posting by June 4th Australian time.
End (2396).

The Blood of the Being and the Blood of the Bodies – (2395)


This post comes from the tomes called “Quinto Evangelio” which is the title given to a compilation of transcriptions of Master Samael’s talks and lectures.

Humbledzoin the Blood of the Kedsjano (Astral Body)

Master Samael says that the internal bodies have flesh and blood, just as does our physical body.
He says that the blood of the astral body has a name which is Humbledzoin.

He says that the blood of our body is elaborated and strengthened with the food that we eat and the liquids that we drink. He says that the blood of the astral body is also elaborated, and also needs to be strengthened and nourished. However the blood of the astral body, the Humbledzoin is nourished and strengthened by different the substances.

These substances that form and also strengthen the Humbledzoin come from the solar system, they are the substances of astrochemistry Master Samael says. He says that enter into us via our breathing and though the pores of our skin, and once they have netered into us they form the blood of the astral body the Humbledzoin.

He says that the Humbledzoin is not from Adam, the astral body has flesh and blood but it does not come from Adam as the physical body does.

Blood of the Sacred Anskoano (Mental Body)

Master says that the mental body, which allows us objective reason, also has its blood. The mental body is called the Sacred Anskoano. He says that the Humbledzoin of the mental body is an octave higher in development than the Humbledzoin of the astral body.

The Sacred Ayasakadana – Blood of the Being

He says that there is the causal body which gives us the ability to determine circumstances, and it is called the Egoaitoorasiana of the Being. He says that this body also has its blood called the Sacred Ayasackadana.

The Sacred Ayasakadana is the Humbledzoin of the Being which is different to the Humbledzoin of the astral and mental bodies. This is because the astral and mental bodies are not the Being but the human soul is the being and it is in the causal body. So the Humbledzoin of the causal body is the Humbledzoin of the Being.

Master Samael says that the Humbledzoin of the Being comes from the Sacred Sun Absolute. He says that this blood of the causal body is made and strengthened through and by contemplation, meditation and prayer. He says that these activities create vibrations in us that form the Sacred Ayasakadana – the blood of the causal body.

End (2395).

Trust in the Forces of your Being – (2394)


It is spirit that animates matter. In other words it is your Being or your Atman which ultimately animates your body.
That spirit that animates your body is an endless source of energy. It streams through you giving you life. It is not matter. It is energy that can not get sick, turn sour, get old, atrophy, become corrupt etc. etc.
We can trust that that force of life will always be there animating our body and our consciousness.
Just look at your hands and feel the warmth, the life streaming out of the palm of your hands. This is that life, that vitality and energy of life streaming though us.
That is our gift of life coming to us from somewhere by virtue of some factor, and when it is its time it will leave (death). But right now it is there radiating splendidly.

Holds Us Up and Fights to survive

That force of life is there always to hold us up. That is its nature, it is natural for it to be like a spring, like a fountain of life giving water, flowing upwards. This is its nature and it will always be like that , we can trust in that.
The ego is there and what it does is block that flowing upwards of life that holds up our body and psychology up. It also acts drag that down our body and psychology, making us feel unwell and darkening our thoughts and feelings, imprisoning them in narrow jail cells.


If we are to relax and just know that it is the egos of fear, anxiety, self-compassion are egos that pull down and block that bubbling of life in us that animates our body and consciousness, then we can take a new step. Which is a step of trust.
We allow those egos space and manifestation in us, because we don’t fully trust in that bubbling of life force and consciousness. We think it won’t be there, or is not the answer or is not good enough or will not protect and help us in difficult times etc. Though it never leaves us, it is the only thing that can really help us, it is what allows positive emotion and it is what by helping us protects.


Trust that force of life in you, trust that it will help you and protect you and allow you the energy and intelligence to solve your difficulties and preserve through them.
As master Samael, says the flesh is weak but the spirit is strong. It is this life force that is strong and it is the body that is falters.
End (2394).

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Where are Your Bodies Right Now? – (2393)

Drifting Around or Here and Now?

Are the bodies floating around the Astral, Mental or Causal worlds without a driver, as empty vessels? Or with you right now? Which possibility seems more correct?

The answer is that they are with you right now.

The proof of this is in the practice of astral projection. When practicing projecting into the astral we leave our physical body with our essence housed in the astral body. It is like the astral body projects or unfolds out of our physical body.

In other words our astral body unfolds out of our physical body. Our astral body is not called to us from the Moon, Venus or some other place, for us to transfer our consciousness into, it comes from within our interior.

Here and Now

The same applies with the mental and causal bodies. However, the point to not forget is that these bodies are within our astral, mental and causal dimensions right here and now.

If we have the bodies, the egos are housed in the bodies and so when a person gets angry the ego of anger comes out here and now, meaning that the bodies are not far away they are within us.

Also Master Samael says that if we have the mental body we can reason objectively in our physical life, and if we have the causal body we can use it to determine circumstances in our physical life. This means to be able to do this we must have these bodies actively working for us here and now in our internal dimensions.

End (2393).

What is the Subconscious in Someone Who has Died in Themselves? – (2392)


I can not talk about this matter from experience, but what I am going to do here is relay to you via this post the topic of the subconscious when one no longer has the ego. The information in this post comes from my understanding of what m.m.m has been speaking about lately.

Subconscious is Empty

In a person without ego, the subconscious exists. Though it is empty. The subconscious remains as a possible storage place. Where impressions that are not transformed will enter.

The subconscious is like a basement, that is part and parcel of the building. It is the inferior part of the building, and every building has a superior and inferior part. We can’t get rid of the inferior part because then there will be no superior part and then there will be no building. The same applies to our psychology.


The difference is that for a person with no ego the subconscious is lit up, it is not dark or black and it is empty, just like the abyss of the sun, that Master Samael said is completely clear and empty.

The subconscious of the person who has ego is in darkness and is responsible for much hidden logic, self-deception, impulses, body language and it is the dwelling place of the egos.

If a person without ego is careless with impressions a small part of the free and awakened consciousness can become conditioned and then if that goes unchecked it will break away from the larger body of free and awakened consciousness and then it will fall into the subconscious.

Tenth Labour

In the tenth labour of Hercules the master works to free him or herself from the effects of all the person’s memories that one has. This also further clears and cleans the subconscious.

End (2392).

No Special Keys for the Second and Third Mountain – The Same that we Know – (2391)

The Same Path, The Same Work Just Different Levels

My marvellous missionary has been saying some really very interesting things lately.

We may think that for the second and third mountains there are very special tools and keys to use. There are very special and advanced works to do but the tools and keys are the same my marvellous missionary says.

The key of non-identification, the key of separation – “that we are not anything that we have inside of ourselves” he says is what has helped him more than anything else in the works of the second mountain. Even the key of focusing the consciousness and the key of connecting consciousness to reality were majorly important and continue to be so.


So, we have all the keys already that we will need for the whole path. Therefore, it is just about applying them.

This brings us to make the following conclusion that the path is the same work for all (start, middle end), just that it is done at different levels.

So, we must always strive to triumph at our very own level. Not to triumph at a level that is not ours.

End (2391).

“You Make me Feel Like I am Doing Something Wrong!” – Rubbish You Feel the Way You Want to Feel! – (2390)

People Say Such Things As...

When we get identified with, typically, the ego of self-compassion we say the following words: “You Make me Feel Like I am Doing Something Wrong!” or “You Make me Feel Like I am unworthy or am bad!”.

Both or any other version of the above words are an error. Even if it feels so real and true (mistakenly), the truth is that it is us that makes us feel that way. Others may say and do things that imply that we are unworthy, useless, unliked etc. but who says we have to feel like that? Only really our sleeping consciousness believes their implications and assumes them to actually be us or to be our true identity.

When we assume their implications we are asleep and we have lost our psychological independence and we are far away from self-remembering and hence from our inner Being.

The key is always to go back to our Being through the remembering of the Being.

When we remember our Being we can chose what we want to feel. The best to feel in a way that does not bring pain to us. Be kind to yourself and your Being in that way.

If we have done something wrong, then we have to get to work to repair it and recover ourselves from it, and all others who were affected by our error.

End (2390).

We Can Not Stand Feeling Less – Hence the Many Intense Reactions – (2389)

The Big Cause of Reaction

I think the biggest cause of reaction in us is the feeling of less that arises in us during the interactions with others.

Hurt jealousy, pride, vanity, self-love etc. are all about the different ways of feeling less. Fear is another way of feeling less, and lust with its feeling of lacking etc. is its way of feeling less as well. This is a very useful observation to make. Once we make it we can progress in getting out of these bothersome feelings.

Obviously feeling less hurts and it is precisely this feeling of less that we can not stand within ourselves, and it is because we can not stand feeling ‘less’, that we react in order to not feel less. We go outside of ourselves looking for a way to turn that painful less feeling around into feeling good about ourselves.

Seeing things as unfair is the tell-tale mediocre symptom of the feeling less.

This is a very true statement. We may dismiss it, though its truth lies precisely with
 us making the effort right now in this moment to accept our reality and remember our inner Being. 
Then when we do that we can not be more accepted by ourselves and our inner Being in that moment!

Get Use to Feeling Less – Like to Feel Less then You Are on the Way to Feeling Differently

Reading the above words makes the ego rile. But I tell you this is something that if we want to progress in eliminating these egos we have to do so that we can be able to transform these feelings.

As soon as we stop being bothered by feeling less, we are on the way to transforming it into something else much less painful. Because the sting of the fascination and the pain of it has been extracted.

Everyone feels less and these egos will not stop feeling less. We live on, we will continue on, our inner Being, the source of our life force and vitality, the source of our consciousness will never disappear because an ego feels less. So, we don’t need it, feeling less is not so important a thing.

Anyway, the big key is to transform it. To like feeling less because of a good reason. That reason is that when we are feeling less we can go to our inner Being, remembering our inner Being and knowing that when close to It or in It, we are not less. In It, which is our real and true ‘be all and end all’, we are not more or less. It, our inner Being is an absolute factor. However, in relation to others we are always, always more or less. With self-remembering we can surpass the relativity that causes everyone so much pain.

End (2389).

Careful with the Impressions You Impart to Others – (2388)

We should not really give people around us negative impressions of others. This is because it causes them to create negative attitudes against those whom we speak negatively of.

Then if the others that we speak to are not aware these negative attitudes build up and later they are unfortunately controlled by them in their interaction with those that we speak negatively of.

When we go to the facts, those who listen to our negativity should awaken a little and remain neutral and not allow themselves to take in any negative impressions without questioning them. We are really asleep when we do not notice a big negative attitude building up in us against somebody.

Others though, really they build their own negative attitudes, but when we speak negatively of others we start it off in others and we provide them extra work to do, which is not really fair, specially if it is our mediocre, negative and really stupid ego that is behind those impressions.

End (2388).

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Internal Bodies are Bodies of Flesh and Bone – (2387)

Matter of the Internal Dimensions

So if a human being has a superior existential body of the Being, or in other words a solar body it means firstly that this human being has the ability to take up a presence within that dimension using the matter that is of that dimension.

The body of each dimension is made from the matter of that dimension. Just the way the physical body is made from the matter of the physical dimension.

Master Samael says that each solar body is a body of flesh and bone but made from the matter of that particular dimension.

Density of the Atoms

The difference between each solar body has to do with the density of the atoms that make up the body. It is taught that an atom of the physical world contains 48 atoms of the Absolute or the region where there is one law.

An astral atom has 24 atoms of the Absolute, and the mental has 12 atoms and the causal has 6 atoms. So straight away, we can see that the internal bodies are much less dense. The causal body is four times less dense than the physical body.

Appearance of the Bodies

I don’t know much about this really, but I have heard from missionaries that the appearance of a solar body takes the same appearance as the physical body that was used to fabricate them.

End (2387).

Reasons for the Solar Bodies – (2386)


Here is a short list of some of the reasons why we need the to fabricate the solar bodies as part of the realisation of our inner Being.

The first four reasons have been sourced from Master Samael’s books and transcriptions of his lectures, and the last four are from my understanding of things.

1. Creation of the Inner Universe

Master Samael says that the Being of anyone has to replicate in miniature what the Absolute has done in the cosmos. That is to enact a cosmic day or a genesis.

Creating the bodies is exactly that, it creates our inner universe. It is our inner genesis.

The seven bodies are the seven days of Genesis.

Creating the inner Universe allows our inner Being to know Itself in all of its parts and dimensions. It also completes It.

2. Psychological Solar System

Master Samael says that when the seven bodies have been fabricated we have created the psychological solar system. However if one falls the psychological solar system has to be requalified.
With the psychological solar system one has within the reach of their psychology access to all the principles and laws that govern the solar system and this allows one the consciousness to live and act in harmony with those laws and principles.

Master Samael says that the bodies are needed to achieve that state of consciousness.

3. Step Down the High Voltage of the Being

Master Samael says that if a person were to incarnate the Being without having the bodies such a person would be like burnt or rather overloaded with energy. He says that the inner Being of a person has a tremendously high energy or voltage and the internal bodies act to step down that energy or voltage to such a level that our physical body is able to accommodate it without being burnt or overloaded.

4. Incarnate the Law of Seven - Holy Heptaparaparshinokh

Master Samael also says that a person incarnates the Law of Seven or the Holy Heptaparaparshinokh once one has fabricated the seven bodies.

5. Life to the Inner Dimensions

If essences here in the physical world did not have a physical body there would be no life here. So exactly the same applies to the internal worlds. If there are no causal bodies then there can be no life there in the causal world.

6. Reality and Presence of the Being

Having a body in the each dimension brings our inner Being into reality within that dimension. Someone here who has a physical body has a physical reality here. Every other person living with a physical body in the world of three dimensions would agree that such a person is real. The government even gives you a birth certificate and you can get a driver’s license.

Without the internal bodies a person does not have a reality and a presence in the internal worlds. And their Being can not directly move and influence the bodies, forces and life that is present there.

7. Platform for Initiation

This probably the most significant reason for the bodies. The bodies are real platforms for our inner Being to develop the initiations. That is to become initiated into the mysteries of that dimension of creation, which actually is an aspect of the Absolute that has unfolded into creation.

So, the initiations are to know the different aspects of the Being Itself. As it is one with the Absolute and creation is an unfolding of the Absolute. That is why the Absolute creates so to know Itself better. Because the invisible parts of Itself enter into light of creation.

The cosmic fire which is the teacher and intelligence needs a body or a vehicle to act on so to teach us and take itself up again to the source from whence it descended. The vehicles it must act on are the bodies and that fire is the Kundalini.

8. Seat of Command Over the Lower Parts of the Being - Mastery

Another very important reason for the internal bodies is that they give our inner Being the seat of command within us. When a part of our Being enters the causal body It is in more command of Its lower parts. Without the bodies the Being can not command the Its lower parts.

It needs a body to be in and command from. Being in say the causal body allows the Being to really move things in the causal world and in our particular causal dimension. Then from there forces unfold and take effect in our mental, astral and physical dimensions.

End (2386).

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What! Everyone has a Mind But Not Everyone has a Mental Body? – (2385)

Manasic Substance

The answer to this question, we can refer to what master Samael says about the Manasic substance.

He says that in that everyone's inner constitution there is an amount of Manasic substance. That amount of Manasic substance has been deposited into us.

This amount of Manasic substance is our mind, and further more this Manasic substance is intimately related with our psychology.

Our Psychology

Our psychology is made up of our essence and this Manasic substance. The two substances overlap  and intermingle and together they produce for us our psychological space and material.

Master Samael gives us an important key, he says that in any ego there are two substances or elements that are bottled up or conditioned. They are a fraction of the essence and a fraction of our Manasic substance.

In short the Manasic substance, is the substance of the mind and also of will. The word Manasic comes from the Sanskrit word: Manas which means "mind" or the "processes of mind".

The hindu teachings says that lower or inferior Manas is mind and superior or upper Manas is will.

In summary here the Manasic substance that has been deposited into us gives us our mind and our will.

Manasic Substance is not the Mental Body

Master Samael later on emphasizes that the Manasic substance is mind, but it is certainly not the mental body.

We can conclude that a person with a mental body obviously has a stronger mind and much more Manasic substance available to him or her. In fact a person with a mental body is one who has created for him or herself their very own quantity of concentrated, and intelligently organised Manasic substance.

The Manasic substance is the material of the mental world. The material of the universal mind and also of the Causal world.

End (2385).

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Who then are the Seven Types of Men? – (2384)

The Mighty Seven 

The seven types so of men are human beings who have a degree of individuality, a degree of being self-made. The higher the number, the higher the degree of individuality. For example man number 6 has a higher degree of being self-made or individuality than man number 5.

Man number 5 has mad an individual emotion, that is such a man has his own emotion, he has real emotion and independence in his emotion. Man number 6 has more individuality because he has fabricated his own emotion and mind and he has the ability to feel the real and think objectively.

Certainly Different

They are certainly different. They do not look any different here physically but they internally are very different.

The difference between someone with the bodies and someone who does not have them can only be seen in the way they act. That is in the power of their actions.

End (2384).

What About if a Person Doesn’t have the Bodies? – (2383)

Egos Take the Role of the Egos

Master Samael says that the various egos that we have actually take up the role of the bodies.


Master Samael says that the people without the bodies are like ghosts or shadows in the astral, mental and causal worlds. This is because they are only essence in those dimensions which is like something partly invisible and visible in those dimensions this is because the essence is not astral or mental matter.

If a person is not in the superior dimensions as essence they are a lot of egos projecting themselves as effigies into those dimensions. For example, the emotion, mind and will of the ego are projections into those dimensions. Even if the ego is present in those dimensions the ego there is like a ghost because once again the ego is conditioned essence and it is not physical, vital, astral or mental material.